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Picklist data value instead of text value, in dialog?!


I've experienced a problem and I wonder if anyone can help me sort out what I can do.

I have an entity that acts like a template. So users should be able to create another entity record based on some set values in the template. Ex. "Fire-incident template" from the template entity could be pre-populated with some set values and when I later on wants to create an incident I can use the template to set some values.

Now, I want to do it in a process dialog. I will call the process-dialog from the a customer, the dialog comes up and asks for what incident template I want to use and it then creates an incident based on that user.

Everything works just fine here, well.. almost:

In the dialog, I have a picklist based on a CRM-Query, which lists the templates. The user chooses a template and all the fields are populated according what was in the template - but when it comes to setting a picklist value based on a picklist value in the template - it doesn't work. And the reason, I think, is because the value that is returned from the CRM-Query is a textvalue based on the label in the picklist - and not the datavalue (number).

So I can't set the picklist value based on the templates picklist value - but other field types works fine.

Does anybody here know what I can do to get forward with this? I would be truly grateful for any ideas/tips!

Since it is a dialog - I can't use JavaScript when creating a record I think.. or can I?