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Multiple Products within an order

hey guys,

I am a newbie in CRM, I am not a developer, i just customize the system views and options.

My company sells AT&T products through several campaigns.

for example: 

Campaign: Winback

Price list: (Within this campaign):Long distance Call, Short Distance Calls

now every Product Family has Sub Products:


Product list: Long distance Call

Sub: X, Y

Product Family: short Distance Calls

Sub: C,V

and then each has a quantity of course.


the problem is that a customer can buy two different Sub Products within the same campaign. (each belong to a different Product Lists)


Is there a way that i can facilitate that?

the problem is that you can only add one price list per order. i need two and sometimes three.

is that possible?


I appreciate everyone who took the time to read this post :)

Thank you


  • Hi,

    Is there any particular reason why you have used price lists to separate two different product areas as supposed to adding a type field to the product entity?

    price lists are used to have the same list of products but with different prices ie domestic, international to reflect variables which could result in two different standard costs for the same product.

    to resolve your issue you would need to create another relationship between price list and campaign and have two separate product sub grids for each price list, but really not a good design

    hope this helps a little