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CRM Dynamics - Lead updates


I have a standard letter I have sent to a selected number of  leads.  I should like to select these particular leads and upload the standard letter sent to them in one operation (under the 'notes' section), rather than upload the same letter to each lead individually.

Is this possible?

I am a farily new user of CRM Dynamics, verson 2011,  and a step by step instruction would be much appreciated.




  • It's possible through standard crm Import Wizard, but is more complicated to achieve than I expected.

    • Your import CSV should be called "Note" with the following columns...
    Title Description File Name Document Mime Type Regarding
    The title of your note/attachment The text for your note/attachment TheFileName.txt TheFileName.txt text/plain The Regarding Record
    The title of your note/attachment The text for your note/attachment TheFileName.jpeg TheFileName.jpeg image/jpeg The Regarding Record
    • Add your attachments into a sub folder where your CSV file is located called "Attachments".
    • ZIP the Attachments folder and the CSV file into a new compressed file and import this through the Data Import tool.
    • The wizard will pick up all the defaults and it should work.
    I think this post may be helpful