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MS Dynamics 2011 Dialogs

Hi We are looking a migrating to MSD 2011. Currently we have version 4.0 with a TK scripting. Can anyon advise if the 2011 version of Dialogs be able to be used so that it can be doen within crm instead of third party scripting in TK.

Is there someone out there who has examles of using it?

We have a call centre enviroment which requires this




  • Hi Paul,

    I've worked with a number of clients who have indeed used dialogs in CRM for their scripting, it can certainly be used for this. It will however, depend on the complexity of your scripts. Dialogs have many strengths but users can find that it takes quite a long time to create complex scripts. It does not have the "Visio" style script designer approach that TK Dialogs has, instead, the designer is very similar to the workflow designer you will probably be familiar with from V4. Have a look at the following blog post which will give you a good overview of dialogs in the context of a survey.

    Of course you can continue to use your TK scripts with CRM2011. Which may be worth considering if you have lots of scripts which are quite complex in nature and don't want to invest time in rebuilding these in dialogs.