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Due Date Filter in the Activities View - Does it work?

I have Dynamics CRM v4.0 and have found that the Activities screen Due Date filter does not seem to work properly. 

The drop down lets you choose to filter by "Today", "Tomorrow", "Next 7 Days" etc., but no matter which one I choose, it does not actually seem to apply this filter.

I thought this may have been because I have not set the Due Date on some activities, but even when I pre-filter these so that only Activities WITH a Due Date are available, it returns far too many records, and when I open these records up, their Due Dates do not match the filter I chose!

Is there a known issue with this feature? Am I mis-understanding how it is meant to work?

I cannot seem to find a detailed description of even how this feature is meant to function.

Is there a settings file or similar in the "back-end" that i can get to to check the filter criteria it is using (I would imagine this involves some kind of Fetch XML statement?)?

Help would be appreciated as users see this filter and use it, and are then somewhat upset that it actually doesn't seem to do what it promises...



  • Hi Andy,

    I just had a look in my own CRM and you're right. It behave not like expected for me, too. It seems that the Due filter only limits due dates in one direction, so that the due date is lower than the date selected by the filter.

    If I choose Today for example, than I see all activities that are due today and in the past. I think this kind of filtering is by design, so that all until the choosen time due or overdue activities are listed.

  • This is a known bug in Dynamics CRM 4.0 with no fix as far as I can tell. We have therefore elected not to use this feature.