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Sales Process in CRM


I am fairly new to Dynamics CRM and need help in mapping a solution for a particular sales process.

We are using the Dale Carnegie Sales process and would like to know how we can implement this in CRM using Leads and Opportunities.

The phases in the processes are: Planning, Rapport, Interest, Solution, Motive, Committment.  

Another process thrown in the mix is Client centric relationship. How do I implement this in CRM.

Your help is much appreciated.

Thanking you in advance




  • Hi Anisha,

    to implement a sales process into Microsoft CRM the most useful way for me is to use workflow together with opportunities. Workflows are providing waiting conditions. With this condition a process can wait in a specific stage until a event occurs that triggers the next stage.

    Mostly a simple implementation of this is enough. Imagine your workflow starts with the creation of an opportunity. Automatically the first stage begins and the workflows is creating and assigning a new task to the sales person. After he has completed the task the workflow goes to the next stage and creates the next task and so on.