pie chart creation

hi gud afternoon,

pls help me how to create a single pie chart for leads,opportunities and accounts in crm 2011

  • Hi 

    it is easy to create pie chart.

    just go to :

    settings-- customizations- customize entity-- select the entity ( account)

    there you have to click on chart.

    select the field, beside the field you will have one small chart symbol.

    click on the chart symbol, select the pie type.

  • In reply to damu:

    There are many different types of to create of pie chart. We can customize of many features of the chart including the different types of number section to define your chart.If you want to create a single pie chart you go to setting and then customization.Next step click customize entity and select the entity. It is very easy to create a pie chart.


  • An insightful ask. Since I am also a novice to the chart component in the area, I don't where to get start. Your ask guide me a good way, I am also interested in the pie chart creation so much. Suggestions here did me a great favor!