Newsman integration module for Microsoft Dymamics CRM (365 / on premise)

Download the zip file from


IMPORTANT: Whenever updating an existing solution make sure to choose the overwrite option!

Access Solutions from the Settings module, in the navigation area:


Import solution:


Select the zip file:


Keep the check for the SDK messages:


At the end of the import, you’ll see this dialog:


Display Newsman Connector custom entities in the sitemap:


On the Marketing tab, marketing lists section, you will be able to access the Newsman API button which can be used to set up the API key and the user ID:


Click the Newsman API button:


The same configuration page can be found on the managed solution:


On this page you need to first insert the apikey and userid from the Newsman account and then click submit. After refreshing the page, you’ll be ableto select the list which will be used for the synchronization.

Update: You can now find the Newsman custom entities in the Settings area of the Sitemap: sitemap


To enable the synchronization, once the solution was imported, every time you create a marketing list will trigger the creation of a segment with the same name within the selected list from the Newsman account.

After the creation of a list there are two ways of adding members to that list and, thus, to the Newsman segment.

1. Lookup

Use the ‘+’ button to manage members on the newly created marketing lists and select the lookup option:


And select the member you wish to add:


2. Advanced find

Select the advanced find option to manage members:


You can apply a filter on the records set:


And select the wanted records:


3. Manual synchronization

From a marketing list record, click the NEWSMAN SYNC button to sync all members to the related segment from Newsman. This action is useful for the second option of Advanced find from above.



Use the Advanced Find (or the target language equivalent) functionality to check for the Newsman Config and Newsman Log entities for current configuration information and events logging.

History Updates

Using the default list and the configuration parameters for ApiKey and UserId, the new version of the plugin will try to retrieve the history information of all the subscribers found in Newsman and link it to the Dynamics CRM contacts.

This is how you can access the history information related to a specific contact: contacthistory

1. Custom entities used

The following new custom entities will hold the history information:

  • Newsman History: this entity will be available from the Contact entity new form (selectable in the header) and it will display the actions performed on each specific subscriber
  • Newsman Newsletter: this entity synchronizes the base Newsletter information specific to all imported history records

2. Workflow

In order for the history to be retrieved, there is an automated workflow which starts when a new configuration parameter for the ApiKey is created. This means that if you already have a set of configuration parameters available in the system it is best to delete them all before installing the new version. This workflow will periodically trigger itself in order to automatically check for new history records connected to the specified Newsman account (UserId, ApiKey and Default List)


This code is released under MIT license by Newsman App – Smart Email Service Provider.

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