Microsoft Dynamics CRM Personal Views Manager Utility

With Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016, even under the System Administrator Security Role, you can’t view (nor edit, share, assign or delete) other users’ Personal Views. Via the application UI, only the view owner can manage it.

This project implements a utility which allows you to manage other users Personal Views, as long as you have the prvActOnBehalfOfAnotherUser privilege, which is granted by default by the built-in Delegate and System Administrator Security Roles.

Personal Views Manager.gif

This utility can be especially useful in the following scenarios:

  • A user who shared his Personal Views with other users or teams has left the organization and now no one can edit or delete these views which are irrelevant or just annoying
  • A user has defined and shared a resources hungry Personal View which execution make the application grind to a halt

To use this utility, import the downloaded Solution to Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016 Organization, open it and navigate to the Configuration tab.

Note: this solution will not work with Microsoft Dynamics CRM versions 2015 and below.

You can find additional details in the following post:


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