Microsoft Dynamics 365 Workflow Tools

This Solution includes one Assembly that contains Tools based on Workflow Activities. You must import this solution, to use it. It only contains the Workflow Assembly and the activities to be used in Workflows, so the import of this solution it will not affect any form, entity, view or navigation item. In any case, you should allways follow your ALM steps, installing it in Non-production environments, test everything and then move to Production environment when you are sure.

To import the Solution follow these steps:

To see how to use each of the tools includes in this solution, please access to the following links:

NOTE ABOUT CDS: The CDS Version not include all the actions, because it requires the entities “lead, salesliterature, list” not included in CDS. The Actions not included in the CDS Version are:

  • QualifyLead
  • RemoveFromMarketingList
  • AddToMarketingList
  • IsMemberOfMarketingList
  • CopyToStaticList
  • CopyMarketingListMembers
  • AddMarketingListToCampaign
  • SalesLiteratureToEmail

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