Hiding the ‘Default App’ in D365 App Switcher

If you’re like me and have been loving the new App Designer this little additional option may be of interest to you.

For those not sure what I’m on about, the App Designer allows us to create more targeted playgrounds with simplified Sitemaps, Dashboards, Views and Entities based on personas, roles, or functions in an organization. For more info check them out here.

You may have wondered, like I did, whether we can get rid of the “default app” out of the menu. After all it just confuses the point giving people access to more targeted apps if they still see the “full” vanilla default app in the menu.

Dynamics 365 App Selector

You can restrict Apps based on security role (read more), and I learned from a colleague that it’s also possible to set an individual user’s default app they land on when signing in. For similar technique see this article.
But I just wanted to hide the default app completely from everyone (yes there’s still ways for us as SysAdmins to get to everything).

To achieve this:

  • Go to SETTINGS > Administration > System Settings
  • General Tab > Scroll down to Set options for the default app
  • Toggle Show default app on landing page and in app switcher to NO
  • You can also rename the default app here to something a little nicer

System Settings - General Tab - Default App Options

Also, a great tip from Mark Christie over on the Community forums on setting the Setting the Default App for D365 CE

Original Source: Dan Hesketh

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