Dynamics CRM Power BI Viewer

Recent communication and rumors hints of improved support for Power BI to be expected in the coming v10 of CE. Fingers crossed…

The future of CRM Power BI Viewer depends on what Power BI support Microsoft actually releases with v10. Additionally Microsoft has yet to release documentation on how to create custom controls for their new user interface. The consequence being that it is not possible to develop a proper CRM Power BI Viewer for v9 and above…

This project is not dead, but further development is postponed until more is known about the coming release of CE Q1 2019.

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You have of course already created a Power BI report or dashboard with tiles you want to embed into your Dynamics 365 instance? If not go ahead and do that now. You should create your content in a Workspace for easy sharing with users of Dynamics 365.

As the solution needs to authenticate users against Power BI you need proper rights to add an application to your Azure Active Directory (AAD). Without such rights you will not be able to make this work. Reach out to your Azure or Office 365 Admin if you do not have the proper rights.

Installation steps:

1 Add crm-powerbi-viewer as an application in Azure AD (or try the alternative simpler flow)
2 Install and configure crm-powerbi-viewer in Dynamics 365 Sales and Service

Not working as expected? Have a look at troubleshooting.

Basic Configuration

The guide below describe how to add Power BI elements to Dynamics 365 Dashboards.

Dashboard Add a Power BI View to a CRM Dashboard

Note The same steps apply to embedding into CRM Forms.

Advanced Configuration – filtering, click-handling, …

Filtering and handling click-events require some javascripting – how much depend on what you want to achieve. The guide below provides a brief introduction and links to more information when you want to take it to the next step.

Adv Advanced Configuration

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