Dynamics CRM Custom Email

Dynamics CRM Custom Email is an utility for Microsoft Dynamics CRM which provides several capabilities to extend the email functionality of the platform based on supported customizations.

Solution features:

  • Ability to create Email Templates for custom entities. Today CRM doesn’t allow it yet out of the box.
    • Dynamics fields can contain any type of attribute (e.g. Text, Numeric, Lookup, DateTime, etc)
    • Lookup dynamics fields can have any level of relationships level (e.g. Opportunity => Customer Contact => Parent Company)
    • Ability to apply formats on dynamic fields using ToString function (e.g. Money with 2 decimals, UK Date Time format)
  • Ability to reuse attachments from different templates (e.g. Two different emails with attachments will use the same physical file)
    • Reduce storage
    • Dynamics CRM only allows to reuse attachments using bulk emails where files must be attached to the same template.
  • [Coming Soon] Attachments Viewer
    • Ability to view actual physical attachments and emails/templates that are using those
    • This tool is specially useful in a Online organisation, where there is not an UI option to see the physical files of the system (In On-premise you could go to the CRM DB / attachments table)

Microsoft Dynamics CRM supported versions:

  • CRM 2013, CRM 2015
    • Online
    • On-premise

Learn how this CRM utility has been developed in the Development page.

Sample Template design and resultant email:
DXTools - Sample Payment Email Template 20141219.png

Resultant Email:
DXTools - Sample Payment Email 20141219.png

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