Dynamics 365 Workflow Tools Solution

This Version includes these Tools:

  1. Force Calculate Rollup Field
  2. Apply Routing Rules
  3. Query Values Step
  4. Share Record With Team
  5. Share Record With User
  6. Unshare Record With Team
  7. Unshare Record With User
  8. Check User is in Role
  9. Check User is in Team
  10. Add To Marketing List
  11. Remove From Marketing List
  12. Clone Record
  13. Set Process
  14. Rollup Functions
  15. Entity Attachment To Email
  16. Pick From Queue
  17. Queue Item Count
  18. Add Role To User
  19. Add Role To Team
  20. Remove Role From User
  21. Remove Role From Team
  22. Set User Settings
  23. String Functions
  24. Delete Record
  25. Entity Json Serializer
  26. Qualify Lead
  27. Add Marketing List To Campaign (Thanks to Mitch Milam)
  28. Copy Marketing List Members (Thanks to Mitch Milam)
  29. Copy To Static List (Thanks to Mitch Milam)
  30. Is Member Of Marketing List (Thanks to Mitch Milam)
  31. Remove From All Marketing Lists (Thanks to Mitch Milam)
  32. Numeric Functions
  33. Email To Team
  34. Set Process Stage (Thanks to Pablo Peralta)
  35. Entity Mobile Deep Link (Thanks to Jerry Weinstock)
  36. Send Email (Thanks to George Doubinski)
  37. Geocode Address
  38. Add User To Team
  39. Remove User From Team
  40. Associate Entity
  41. Goal Recalculate
  42. Get Initiating User
  43. Encrypt Text
  44. Check Associate Entity (Thanks to admgry)
  45. Set State (Thanks to ALLCAM)
  46. Update Child Records (Thanks to lundo)
  47. Disassociate Entity (Thanks to polshgiant)
  48. Insert Option Value
  49. Delete Option Value
  50. Sales Literature To Email
  51. Send Email From Template To Users In Role
  52. Send Email To Users In Role
  53. Calculate Price
  54. Execute Workflow By ID
  55. JSON Parser
  56. Date Functions




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