CRM Power BI Viewer add the Power of BI to Dynamics 365

Power BI is the best tool for visualising your business data. As a customer of Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement you obviously want to take advantage of Power BI inside your dashboards and forms.

Today Dynamics 365 CE support showing Power BI reports and dashboards in your personal dashboards. But the functionality is limited.

The goal of crm-powerbi-viewer is to deliver as much of the Power BI functionality inside Dynamics 365 as possible.

Below is a list of enhancements provided by crm-powerbi-viewer that for the time being is not available by using the built-in PowerBI integration in Dynamics 365.


  • Solution aware. Embed Power BI to any dashboard (not only personal)
  • Embed Power BI to both dashboards and forms
  • Works with Dynamics 365 on-premises
  • Supports opening reports on a specific page
  • Support for custom filters and interactions. Enabling:
    • Open related Dynamics 365 records when clicking on data in a report (or visual)
    • Filter reports on Dynamics 365 data (e.g. filter on account id when showing reports on an account form)
  • Hide report navigation and filter panes
  • Mix and match multiple Power BI elements with Dynamics 365 elements on a single dashboard/form
  • Embed Power BI:
    • Dashboards
    • Single tile from a dashboard
    • Reports
    • Single visual from a report (coming with v1.1)

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