COZYROC SSIS+ Components Suite

Introducing the COZYROC SSIS+ library with support for integration and migration of Microsoft Dynamics CRM data. Available on the market since 2010, COZYROC makes it easy to integrate or migrate data to and from Dynamics CRM and will preserve the integrity of your data by always using the recommended Microsoft web services API.

Reusable Scripts, along with the Source and Destination components, provide support for all the capabilities you may desire for integration and migration of your Dynamics CRM data. The Source and Destination components are purely for actions related to Dynamics CRM entities, while the scripts provide functionality related to Dynamics CRM, but not directly related to actions with entities.

You can use any application, service or database supported by SSIS or COZYROC’s toolkit (SSIS+) as the source or destination for Dynamics CRM. SSIS+ is easy to use and follows the same guidelines and principles used by the standard out-of-the-box SSIS components.

For migrations from on-premise Dynamics CRM to on-the-cloud Dynamics CRM, you may use COZYROC’s Data Flow Task Plus (see side-bar) along with the Dynamics CRM Source and Destination components for an elegant and time-saving migration solution. Source and destination columns get mapped dynamically at runtime so one package can handle the migration of data for every entity.

See the Source and Destination documentation for some short and informative demonstration videos which provide step-by-step instructions on how to get started.

The Dynamics CRM integration package consists of four parts:

Dynamics CRM Connection Manager
Stores the credentials and functionality for connecting to an on premise or in-the-cloud Dynamics CRM server.
  • Well documented API for use by user-defined scripts.
  • Independent from the hard-coded Microsoft Dynamics CRM SDK.
Dynamics CRM Source component
Retrieves data from a Dynamics CRM entity.
  • Input type can be either an entity or a FetchXml statement.
  • The source can be dynamically modified at runtime using an SSIS expression.
Dynamics CRM Destination component
Inserts or updates data in Dynamics CRM entity.
  • Supports four entity actions: Create, Update, Delete or Upsert
  • Provides information about records with errors as well as the GUID assigned for new records created.
  • Configurable parameters for Upsert action specify how to handle multiple matches and what keys to use to identify existing records.
  • Phenomenal performance: a customer used our component to migrate 40 Million records in 10.5 Hours “in a precise and timely manner.”
Reusable scripts
Unique technology which allows user-defined reusable scripts for additional Dynamics CRM integration scenarios.


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