What’s new in Microsoft Social Engagement 2018 Update 1.7

Microsoft Social Engagement 2018 Update 1.7 is ready and will be released in July 2018. This article describes the features, fixes, and other changes that are included in this update.

New and updated features

Microsoft Social Engagement 2018 Update 1.7 introduces the following features:


New sign-in URL for Social Engagement

A new sign-in page is available to sign in directly to Social Engagement without memorizing the solution URL or going through the Office 365 portal. Go to http://social.dynamics.com/login to sign in to Social Engagement.


Removal of interaction functionality for Facebook user profiles

With the release of Facebook's Graph API v3.0 on August 1, 2018, social profiles for Facebook users in Social Engagement can't interact with posts anymore. With this release, we're removing the option to create new interaction tokens for Facebook user profiles. The logic for data acquisition doesn't change. You still need to create a Facebook Acquisition profile to allow data acquisition from Facebook for Facebook pages you administer.

With the upcoming Update 1.8 in August, we'll also remove the interaction controls for Facebook user profiles from the Social Engagement user interface.


Resolved issues

In addition to the new features, Update 1.7 addresses the following issues:

  • Increased the number of characters displayed for Tweets from 140 to 280.
  • Fixed a redirection issue when authenticating a new social profile for Twitter.
  • Fixed and updated several translations in the user interface.


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