What’s new in Microsoft Social Engagement 2017 Update 1.4

Microsoft Social Engagement 2017 Update 1.4 is ready and will be released in May 2017. This article describes the features, fixes, and other changes that are included in this update.

New features introduced in Microsoft Social Engagement 2017 Update 1.4

Microsoft Social Engagement 2017 Update 1.4 introduces the following features:

Engagement Analytics with Power BI

We are extending our recently introduced Microsoft Power BI content pack for Social Engagement with the new Engagement Analytics report; adding to the Engagement Performance and Team Performance reports previously released. The Engagement Analytics report provides you additional insights regarding your engagement on social media with metrics based on location, sentiment, tags and authors. The data model is also enhanced to include these additional dimensions giving you more power to explore and analyze your Social Engagement data.

Improved usability in Social Selling Assistant

The Social Selling Assistant experience received a first polishing pass: The Done button is now next to all other actions at the bottom of the card. We adapted the forms in the Social Selling Assistant configuration and Social Engagement Settings page User Preferences to industry standards. When editing those forms the Save and Cancel buttons are now the bottom of the input form. Additionally, the main navigation now contains a direct link to the Post view in Analytics, filtered for private messages, so you can get to your customers messages in a single click.

Issues that are resolved in Microsoft Social Engagement 2017 Update 1.4

In addition to the new features, Update 1.4 addresses the following issues and improvements:

  • Improved visibility of links, text and tooltips when using the dark theme.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented sending private messages to Facebook from within Microsoft Social Engagement.
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