What’s new in Microsoft Social Engagement 2017 Update 1.2

This article describes the features, fixes, and other changes that are included in Microsoft Social Engagement 2017 Update 1.2.

New features introduced

Get insights with Social Selling Assistant

Microsoft Social Engagement’s Social Selling Assistant introduces a new recommendation type: Get Insights. This adds to the existing recommendations for sharing content. This new type provides recommendations for posts about your customers, competitors, and other topics of interest, so you can stay on top of the latest developments. With this addition, you can now get a separate set of recommendations each for sharing content and insights. For more, see Empower your salespeople with the Social Selling Assistant, Personalize the Social Selling Assistant.

Documents now show engagement history with Microsoft Social Engagement user

Microsoft Social Engagement until now showed actions done by your team only after an extra load. Once this update is live any new action your team takes will show directly in the post list with the respective number indicator on the matching action’s button. In addition the engagement action history now shows the MSE user who did the action with name and avatar. We extend the engagement action history to also cover actions done on private message.

Issues resolved

The integration into NAV handles cases with not existing search topic IDs better than before. Although there’s a remaining error case: When looking for a non existing ID in Edge browser, the Microsoft Social Engagement widget will stop loading. See our readme file for more details.

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