What’s new in Microsoft Social Engagement 2017 Update 1.11

Microsoft Social Engagement 2017 Update 1.11 is ready and will be released in December 2017. This article describes the fixes, and other changes that are included in this update.

New and updated features

Support for Twitter's extended tweet length

With this update, Social Engagement supports the new tweet length as recently released by Twitter. When writing tweets, you benefit from the increased limit of 280 characters. As a temporary restriction, tweets with Japanese, Korean and Chinese characters will not be reflected in the character limit accurately. If your tweet is too long, you will receive an error notification and you can shorten it.

By early 2018 we plan to update our service to use the new logic of Twitter for any language and character set.

Introduction of table and pattern view for charts in Social Engagement

A new table view on all existing charts in Social Engagement is now available. This means that every user can decide whether they want to explore the data represented as charts or as tables.
You can either turn on the table view on single charts or you can enable the table view globally for your user profile in Settings > User Preferences under Chart data representation mode.

Additionally, we're introducing a new styling for charts with colored areas. You can choose to render the charts with a filling patterns or solid colors. To switch between filling pattern and solid color, go to Settings > User Preferences and update the Chart filling mode.

Redesigned activity map and pause functionality

We are introducing the "pause" functionality to the activity map feature. This enables you to choose whether you want to get live updates on the map, or not. When turned off, posts will stop updating automatically and users can view and explore a snapshot in more detail. New posts will appear again, when live updates have been are turned on and new posts are available.

In addition to that, the activity map has received a couple of visual updates, such as bigger dots on the map and updated visuals in the activity map header.

New field in the JSON payload for Azure Event Hubs: post.profile.uri

Social Engagement includes a feature that allows users to send posts to Azure Event Hubs by using Automation Rules. As part of evolving functionality, Social Engagement is updating the JSON payload by replacing the post.profile.id field with a new post.profile.uri field. Moving forward, post.profile.uri will also include a source-based identifier as part of the field value (for example: mse-tw://#12345678).

Please make sure you follow the timeline outlined in this blog post to avoid breaking your apps and intermittent data loss.


Resolved issues

In addition to the new features, Update 1.11 addresses the following issues:

  • To ensure all private messages are received within Social Engagement, we have updated the mapping of the language recognition for private messages. If the system can’t identify a language in a private message, or if an identified language is not supported by Social Engagement, instead of discarding the messages, we are now mapping them to the first selected search language in Global Settings > Search Languages. This improvement especially helps in cases where a private message contains for example only numbers, such as a phone number.
  • Updated Social Engagement documentation regarding Facebook Acquisition Tokens, Facebook comment actions, adding Custom Tags, and requirements for YouTube Engagement actions.


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