Release Notes for Field Service and Project Service Automation Update Release 8

Applies to: Field Service for Dynamics 365, Project Service Automation for Dynamics 365, and Universal Resource Scheduling (URS) solution on Dynamics 365 9.0.x  

We’re pleased to announce the latest update to the Field Service and Project Service Automation applications for Dynamics 365. This release includes improvements to quality, performance, and usability, and is based on your feedback and requests. 

This release is compatible with Dynamics 365 9.0.x. To update to this release, visit the Admin Center for Dynamics 365 online, solutions page to install the update. For details, refer How to Install, Update a Preferred Solution 

Field Service enhancements (v7.5.2.61) 


  • The Field Service app is now built on the Unified Interface framework for improved user experience. 
  • Users can now associate 3D content with customer asset records. 



  • Fixed: Approved By was not being set when Time Off Request was approved. 
  • Fixed: When Creating Quote Booking Incidents, a User Can Relate it to an Asset Not Related to the Account of the Quote. 
  • Fixed: Add plugin validation on ABS/ABD not to allow selecting a resource of type pool or facility. 
  • Fixed: Fix localization content of FS UCI app module. 
  • Fixed: Spanish translations for Address 1 and Address 2 are missing spaces. 
  • Fixed: RMA sub status gets reset to default on load of form 
  • Fixed: "Edit Properties" button is visible on Quote/Order Service-Based line form. 
  • Fixed: Numerous OOTB security role permissions issues. 
  • Fixed: Numerous issues and improvements to the solution upgrade process. 


Project Service Automation (v2.4.5.48) Enhancements  


  • Fixed: WBs start and end dates shows wrong values on refresh because of incorrect parsing of DST rules 
  • Fixed: Duration is not respected for manual tasks after refreshing when auto-scheduling 
  • Fixed: 502 Timeout Exception on MS Project publish to existing project after deleting high number of tasks 
  • Fixed: Restrict invalid state transitions of Booking Status on Project Bookings 
  • Fixed: WBS: Selecting a date actually selects the previous one 
  • Fixed: Schedule variance on labor tracking view does not reset to 0 when using a journal to "back out" actuals on task  
  • Fixed: Error assigning an account when the quote is closed  
  • Fixed: Error on Invoice Creation: "The value of 'invoicestatecode' on record of type 'invoicedetail' is outside the valid range". 
  • Fixed: In time entries grid view/new dialog, projects in the projects dropdown should appear sorted by name  
  • Fixed: Unable to add existing or write in opportunity product line item in opportunity form. 
  • Fixed: When Project Quotes are created in a currency different from org currency, QuoteLineDetails for cost amount of Product lines are created in wrong currency. 
  • Fixed: Performance improvements in deleting project, project team member, and close of project 
  • Fixed: Approval of expense entry without project fails with error 
  • Fixed: Time format is incorrect in Time Entries Calendar and Grid pages  
  • Fixed: Error while trying to cancel a resource booking due to double delete of assignments 
  • Fixed: Expense entries on the calendar control are shifting +1 day in >+12 time zones 
  • Fixed: Unable to create time entry when user language is set to polish 


Universal Resource Scheduling Enhancements  

NOTE: Improvements and bug fixes for Universal Resource Scheduling apply to Field Service and Project Service Automation, as well as to other schedulable entities in the Sales or Service applications.  


  • Performance Improvement: Bulk booking status changes made by Project Service now happen in bulk 




  • Fixed: Schedule Board updates time zone immediately when user changes time zone 
  • Fixed: Set calendar button on resource now loads proper calendar template name for all languages 
  • Fixed: Daylight savings time transition issue for specific geographies and machine setup 
  • Fixed: Intermittent "Object Reference" error when using Schedule Assistant 
  • Fixed: Filter width is now properly bound to width of panel when expanding panel while viewing map and toggling back to filter panel 
  • Fixed: Incorrect start time being set in booking panel when using book by estimated arrival time feature and using Schedule Assistant hourly grid view 
  • Fixed: Set Role function on resource entity intermittent error 
  • Fixed: Custom date fields added to the Schedule Assistant panel now show properly 
  • Fixed: Schedule Board no longer scrolls back to the beginning of the board when searching for availability 
  • Fixed: Extending a multiday booking no longer duplicates data on the last day when using distribute evenly distribution method 


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Feifei Qiu 

Program Manager  

Dynamics 365, Field & Project Service Team  

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