Learning Path authoring now available in Dynamics 365 (online)!

Applies to: Dynamics 365 (online)

In Dynamics CRM Online 2016 Update 1, we introduced Learning Path, which delivers contextually-rich training, walkthroughs, videos, and articles right in the app at just the right time. Watch a short video (1:50) about Learning Path.

We’re excited to announce that you can now use Learning Path to create your own custom Help experience for your Dynamics 365 (online) users. Learning Path allows you to deliver custom content specific to the role assigned to a user, and publish different content to different organizations within your deployment. This means, for example, that on a given page, screen, form, or view, you can display different Help content for sales people vs. customer service reps. You can also display different content for the same role in different organizations. You can even localize your content in different languages for different users and organizations.

Content you create can be published across organizations, as well as exported from one organization and imported into another.

Learning Path provides a great way to help people discover new features and become familiar with new forms or business processes at their own pace right from the app. This can help you reduce training time and costs and enable your users to quickly become productive using Dynamics 365 (online).

To learn more about creating Learning Path guided help, see Create your own guided help (Learning Path) for your customers.

For more great content, including videos and eBooks, see the Dynamics 365 Help & Training site or the Dynamics 365 Setup & Administration site.


Randall DuBois

Content Developer

Dynamics 365 team

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