Community is the Superpower Behind DynamicsCon

When we began this community-driven endeavor called DynamicsCon, we had one mission to guide our decisions. To be exact, our mission statement reads “Making learning convenient, free, and fun for all Microsoft product professionals. For the community, by the community.” Beyond putting words on paper, we gathered an all-star Committee of individuals with diverse opinions and experiences who provided important value to how we structured our conference. From the Committee and anyone that was willing to take the time to write us a suggestion, we did our best to always keep our ears “turned on”. Many in the event industry would tell you 3.5 months is simply not enough time to successfully execute a conference of this magnitude. Well, good thing we ignored that methodology and took a superhero approach instead. 

Whenever you introduce something new, be open minded and ready to receive differing opinions.  Along the way a few community members shared they did not like our comic book theme or unconventional marketing techniques. We also received some remarks on setting such ambitious registration goals. There is no such thing as bad press, right

The Power is in the Figures

Registration: 6,650 on a goal of 10,000 – admittedly, we had no historical data to gauge this goal

Conference attendance: Day 1= 5,400 virtual guests| Day 2= 3,500 virtual guests

Sponsorship funds raised: $284,900

Session Submittals: 231 sessions in just over 1 month!

COVID-19 donation to Direct Relief: $15,000 – a special Thank You to our Speakers for applying their speaker payment towards the cause. Jon Stypula and Jake Roder then MATCHED all the speaker contributions!

Here’s What You May Have Missed….

We witnessed so many new and revitalized connections leading up to and during the event. We encourage you to view our Twitter page filled with great examples of this amazing community coming together to make DynamicsCon a success. You probably did not see the hours of volunteer efforts given to one another for session content and preparation, moderation, Live Q&A greenrooms, and encouragement as we all learn virtual conferencing. There were several Sponsors that believed in DynamicsCon when we merely had a landing page, and not even a full website. They are true heroes for taking a chance on us, believing we could deliver what the community needed.

These community connections are continuing each day on Dynamics User Group (DUG). Where you can receive answers to questions and contribute by responding to a fellow community member. This is a fun environment so don’t be shy about sharing the product stories you wish you could forget! Of course, DUG is free to participate unlimitedly.

If you want to submit a session, volunteer, or sponsor please visit our Next Up page or email to share your super powers with the community. DynamicsCon is happening virtually again March 16-18, 2021.

Due solely because of this community’s dedication to each other and sponsorship support, this event was a great success in only 3.5 months. You are all Superheroes in our book!

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