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Dynamics AX 2009 - Data Migration / Conversion - PLEASE HELP!

Hi All,

We're implementing AX for the first time and have to migrate data from at least 6 finance systems and at least 3 HR systems.

We need to migrate Employees, Vendors, Customers, Projects, CoA, GL, etc, etc, however we're a little unsure as to the options for automating a batch load.

Please assume that we have all our data extracted, transform and staged and ready to go into AX. This data will reside in final staging tables in a SQL staging database.

How do I get the data out of the SQL database and into AX?

We don't want to load the data directly into the tables as this would undermine the business logic etc and we would have to know the underlying data structure/schema, not to mention this approach being supported.

We need to know the options for migrating the data, such as:

A) Write an X++ job that queries the data in the staging table and executes AX business logic for inserting the data

B) Use the .Net Business Connector for querying the data in the staging table and executes AX business logic for inserting the data

What are the options, what are the rules, what is the supported and non-supported approaches and was is the best practice here?

Nobody I have spoken to appears to know the straight forward / black and white answer on this topic.

Ultimately, we're thinking of writing our own X++ Data Load/Migration APIs that we can use for bulk loading data, but it appears in most examples that you have to insert the data in a certain order directly into certain tables, rather than calling an AX class like ax.createEmployee("James","May","16/04/67",1234,"DepartmentX",etc,etc).

Why is this such a difficult area in AX, surely there is a well documented best practice for bulk inserting data programmatically?

If anyone knows the true answer to this million dollar question, I'll give them a whole british pound (and lots of beer)...

At your mercy...