Where does my company as Microsoft Partner access to development licenses for AX?

Hello everyone,

This question might sound stupid but my company is recently starting to develop solutions with Microsoft Dynamics AX2009 and we are wondering where in the source partner portal (or another website?) are available for downloading the licenses provided for partners' usage.  

We do have the training VPC with its licenses provided by Microsoft for download on the Axapta website, but need to implement the usage of the tool here at the company. I will really appreciate if someone can tell me how should we proceed as Certified partners to get the licenses for AX and also the development codes in order to implement customizations in the VAR layer.

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  • You can drop a mail to Microsoft - requesting to send the updated version of your License File.(Which will include your development codes).

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    Thanks Kranthi,

    We are sending an email with the request to Microsoft but while we wati of the official answer, we are  to see among other users if they know the procerure in order to avoid long delays in our implementation.



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    Forgot to mention that we are Microsoft certified partner but we aren’t Dynamics AX partners.

  • I also believe you can request one thorough the commerce tool on partnersource.

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    Thanks Adam,

    I'll look for that link on the Partner Soucer, it's hard to find things there sometimes Tongue Tied

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    We cross posted, but if you are not an AX partner there will be no automated way of getting this. I suggest you talk to your PAM (Partner Account Manager).

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    Thanks again Adam!

    We'll see how it goes through our PAM, hopefully we get this ASAP!



  • **Edit, I meant to reply to thread, not suggest a solution...but this might be right for you :)



    • Customer Source https://mbs.microsoft.com/customersource/
      This is for customers (you most likely) 
    • Partner Source - https://mbs.microsoft.com/partnersource/
      This is for your partner


    You should have a login.  You login and click "Voice" at the top, then on the left there should be company information settings, and you have to click around to find your license keys and your layer keys (bus/var/cus).

    If you are able to login to customer source and click the voice link, know that the files you need are there somewhere, Voice is just difficult to navigate.


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    As they are not an AX partner they will not be able to login and get an AX developer license key - MS will not have cut one for them, why would they - they are not an AX partner Big Smile

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    Perhaps I'm confused, but there is a partnersource login, and a customersource login.  I would think they'd have a customer source login.  If I login and look at a client, I can see the email address of their primary contact, whom I'm guessing has a login.

    The only reason I'd think they wouldn't have the development license keys are if they didn't purchase the X++ license code.  If they did however buy this...it sounded like they just couldn't find out how to get this code, which I'd say is just through either Voice via CustomerSource, or by contacting their partner of reference.

    I've never actually seen a customer use customersource, but it looks like it's the same.

    Edit: Here is a link to some customersource info http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/dynamics/customersource.aspx

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    Alex, they say they are a partner. so I am assuming they are. They are not however an AX partner, yet they want the AX developer license. Without being an accredited partner they cannot get this license, that is the stumbling block. Makes the statement " recently starting to develop solutions with Microsoft Dynamics AX2009 " interesting though!

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    My mistake...I misread the post...I thought they were a customer trying to get their own keys so that they can access the layers, doh!

    Well if they can access the partner portal they should be able to go to Voice>My Corporate Info>Current Installation, otherwise yes they'll need to send something to MS.

    Sorry for the confusion!

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    Thanks to both Alex and Adam Big Smile!

    I'll keep you updated on how we resolved this issue.  As you mention VOICE in the Partner Source does not have access to the licenses we need when logged with our company user; so the only solution right now is to wait for MS information.

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    Hello guys!

    I just wanted to tell you that we got in contact with microsoft chat support and find out that there are two ways of getting the licenses:

    • You can do via Demo Dev which can be done via LKC in Voice as long as you have a SPA and all Certificates completed. The procedure needed for the SPA is described in the following link SPA Guide
    •  You can also sign the Partner Registration Agreement. This is for Dynamics Consultants, ISV Developers, SPLA Partners, System Integrators, etc. You can get the same demo/dev benefits without the SPA requirements. The link for more information is Microsoft Dynamics Partner Registration AgreementYou just need to sign a hard-copy and mail it to Agreements for processing: 
      Microsoft Dynamics® 
      Attn:  SPA Processing 
      One Lone Tree Road 
      Fargo ND 58104

    Thanks for all your help!