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  • Cannot unregister sales return line that has been registered by wrong: This lot is marked against another inventory transaction and cannot be unregistered. Remove the selection before canceling the lot.

    Dear all,

    in Dynamics 365 finance and operations --> Sales and marketing, we had registered an item by wrong in sales return order and this item enabled for quarantine management (item model group), when trying to click on registration in order to reveres…

  • Return order posted with zero cost or price or amount?

    Hi all,

    When we are trying to post return order it's taking price as zero and getting posted.

    what should have been happened?

    Noticed that the Base Sale price is zero for all such Items in the Item Master itself.  What causes the “Base Sale Price”…

  • Sales Order Invoice remainder to be cleared

    We have an issue with an intercompany return order where there is Invoice Remainder (of -100) on a Sales Order lines in both companies.  The invoice needs to be posted on one company to post it in both companies, however we are seeing the errors:


  • Return Order Update Registration


    I have one query, Our client is creating a Return Order , they also want update the inventory so they will do Registration process for each line of Return Order.

    Which is very lengthy and time consuming job.


    Does any one know the quick solution ? or…

  • Expected return quantity must not be zero

    Hi all,


    I'm trying to use the "Find sales order" function in the return orders form, but anytime I try to mark a Sales order from the "Finding sales order" form in AX, i get the following error. Can someone let me know what to be done with…

  • No change of inventory posting when posting a product receipt on a purchase order with negative quantity


    We have the following problem:
    On a purchase order, when we post the receipt, a posting of the inventory that shows an increase in the stock is done. (in Belgian accounting 609XXX account)

    However, when we create an identical purchase order, only with…

  • How do you cancel a Sales RMA/Returned order?

    I'm working with Sales RMAs and am using a disposition code of "Credit Only".  It appears there is no way to cancel either the RMA or the Return order once they are created.  Here are my steps:
    1.  Create the Return order via Return order…
  • Sales Return Inventory Transactions missing after Registering Line

    Hi Everyone,

    Last week, a user reported that they are unable to post Packing Slip for a Sales Return order after registering the qty received.

    Upon investigation, I found that Inventory Transaction for the corresponding Sales Order Line(return sales…

  • How do I get a "Credit Only" sales RMA to have a Return status of Closed?

    I'm having trouble getting a sales Returned order (RMA) to update the Return status to be set to Closed.  What is the proper way to close out or finalize a Credit only RMA?  Here are the steps I'm performing now:

    1.  Create the RMA via AR > Common…

  • Why is it possible to sell quarantined items?

    I'm trying to shift our RMA process into DAX 2009, however, there are some problems. I don't want to make it possible to sell items that haven't received a disposition code yet.

    Normally, you get an error code when an item is not in stock…

  • The difference between return order and sales credit note

    dear all,

    Does anyone know what the diffrences between return order and sales credit note ?

    Thanks in advance


  • Return orders in AX 2009

    Hello all,

    I have been testing the AX 2009 return order functionality. For some reason, when I set to receive the returned item to Quarantin warehouse, it complains the item picking location stating location xxx is not a picking location for the item…

  • Debit note/Credit note


    Can i know how to post Purchase returns without item and rate is different 

    Ex:- In PO is  showing 10  Qty and amount is 1000

           But Invoice is came  10 Qty and amount is 1500

    In the above scenario how can we raise the return order in AX4.0



  • Return order with parts instead of whole product?

    I own a project where I need to use the Return Order function in AX. For complete items, this function works well. However, I don't know how I can make a return order for just a part of a whole product (like a customer returns a hard disk from his laptop…

  • Vendor evaluation automatic or manual

    Hi ,

    In AX 2012 ,  we need to setup the vendor evaluation criteria  groups ,  criteria and same attach to Procurement categories to use Vendor evaluation functionality . Generally companies will use the  values like good , Excellent , poor  . My question…
  • Splitting GL Postings of Vendor PO's and Vendor Return Orders

    Hello all,

    We are looking to find a way to send return PO packing slip offset vouchers to post to a newly greated AR account instead of having the mixed in with the accrued purchases liability account. Is this something we can do with a new voucher…

  • Convert Non-conformance to Purchase Returned Order

    Dear all,

    How could we convert a non-conformance to a purchase returned order automatically.

    Also, could we create a returned order for specific purchase order without post the invoice ??


    Thanks in advance

  • Trying to see the item numbers for all the return orders


    I am trying to set up a screen or a report where I can see the item number and the RMA number...

    Please help.

  • How to process a return through the system and close the transaction?

    I create a sales order, send product out and invoice it for $500.  The customer decides to return it, so I create a return order and select the customer, then go to Functions>Find Sales Order.  I select the sales order, process the RMA and invoice it…

  • Sales order reference

    Hi All


    I have one sales order, now i make the return order of that sales order. Is there any way from which i can know this return order is of that particular sales order. Currently i am putting the sales order number in customer reference feild while…

  • retur order - disposition code scrap


    Hi team,


    I created a return order and I chose'' scrap'' as disposition code, at validation of picking slip error message appears saying'' Production number is not specified''? is there a specific setting has to do for disposition code'' scrap''…

  • How to do reversal of Invoiced P/O or S/O ???


    I have a issue when I'm trying to do Revesal of Invoiced P/O by specifying Negative quantity but it is giving me  error : "Quantity may not change Sign"

    How to do the Reversal of Invoiced PO or SO ? I know the process of Return order…

  • How to create a return order from a sales orders?

    Is there a base way to create a return order from a sales order?  The scenario I have is we are giving a testing and evaluation product to customers.  They have 30 days to decide if they want to buy or return.


    I'll be doing much of this through code..…

  • Scrapping returned item in AX 2009

    In AX 2009, I have been trying to implement the RMA functionality. When a
    return order is created, the only disposition code available is "Credit
    only". When I start the item arrival process, I can then assign the different
    disposition code…

  • Why AX missing purchase Return order number series ?

    Hi Folks ,

    In AX , we have  Purchase order form , same form will be used to create the purchase order and purchase return order .because this same po number series will be applicable to Purchase return order .

    In my client is saying that AX is doing…