Planning Optimization: Master scheduling planned order number sequence format?


I have started exploring the planning optimization in D365 F&O (version 10.0.16) on our Preprod environment. After we turn-on planning optimization and run master planning, one thing I noticed is that the number sequencing of the planned order (Master Planning -> Planned Orders) is different as compare to when I turn-off planning optimization (i.e. previous version: master planning). It seems that planning optimization is not picking up the number sequencing for planned orders, although it is already configured under (Setup -> Master planning parameters > Number Sequences -> "Master Scheduling planned order number"). FYI, it is correctly picking up this number sequence format when I turn-off planning optimization, and use the previous master planning.

Example below:
Planning Optimization: Turn-On: Planned Order Number generated is 0009000001 (Master Planning -> Planned Orders). Issue: Not picking up number sequencing format, although it is correctly configured in the setup. This is not working as expected.

Planning Optimization: Turn-Off (means its back to the previous Master planning): Planned Order number generated is MPO-126218. Correctly picking up number sequencing from the master planning parameters. This is working fine.

Please find attached the two planned orders number screenshot.

Question: Any idea where can I find and set this number sequence format for planned order when we turn-on planning optimization?