Restrict Shipping of Registered Inventory when Production Order is not Closed

Hi All,

Hope someone can help or point me in a better direction.

We have an issue where Sales ships registered inventory before the production order is ENDED.  This causes costing issue especially at month end when inventory is re-evaluated.  We have talked as a team and agreed what we want to prevent shipping or creating of a packing slip if the inventory is registered.  

From the research I've done it sounds like all I need to do is uncheck FINANCIAL NEGATIVE INVENTORY in the Model Group.  I did that.  I've ensured the item I tested was in the model group that I changed but I'm still able to create a packing slip and ship if the inventory is registered and production order is not ENDED.

Anyone have any other ideas on what other settings I can / should make to prevent shipping?

Our environment is AX 2012 R2 CU6

Thank you.