Clock Production Orders Operation in Proper Order and One Operation at A Time.

Hi all,

I'm needing some help preventing users from clocking production orders operations out of sequence and clocking on the next operation if the previous operation is still clocked on.

Example, if User1 clock on and off Operation 10 but User2 didn't clock on or off on Operation 20 and User3 tries to clock on Operation 30, User3 will get a message /  error because Operation 20 was not clocked on by User2.  In addition, if User1 has clocked on Operation 10 but didn't clock off when User2 tries to clock on Operation 20, they will receive a message / error that the previous operation has not ENDED.   

We are working on trying to get the employee to clock properly but we want to put some controls in place. 

From the research I've done I need to modify the ROUTE where I put a HARD link in the operations of the route. I've added the HARD link in a route for the item, created a new production order and started it and did some test clocking.  I was still able to start multiple operations out of sequence and start the multiple operations at the same time. 

Anyone know what other settings I might need to check?  Any information is greatly appreciated. 

Our environment is AX 2012 R2 CU6.

Thank you!