Route config: Consumption calculation-Formula= Capacity/Work center batch

Hi everybody, the particular scenario I’m struggling with is the following (this is in AX2009)

I have a resource group made of 6 dough kneaders, the capacity is…

Kneader#1: 10kg every 15min
Kneader#2: 15kg every 15min
Kneader#3: 20kg every 15min
Kneader#4: 25kg every 15min
Kneader#5: 25kg every 15min
Kneader#6: 25kg every 15min

So every 15min I’m able to produce 120kg of dough using full resources capacity.

The scenario I cannot manage to reproduce for job scheduling is a production order of 170kg of dough which should use 15min for each resource (120kg in total) + 15min Kneader#5 (25kg) + 15min Kneader#6 (25kg)

I think for the route setup I should use Consumption calculation-Formula = ‘Capacity’ or ‘Work center batch’, with the appropriate Factor… but I’m not able to get expected results…

Thanks in advance!

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