how to import Inventory movement journal header and lines in Dynamics 365

I want to know and learn the steps of importing Inventory movement journal header and lines in Dynamics 365 start from template download, if these steps are written / documented anywhere please guide me to download it.


  • Hi Yousif, what I would do is the following...

    1) Manually create a new Inventory movement journal
    2) Manually create one line with all the information required by the items you are going to upload (serve as a guide)
    3) Press the Open in Microsoft Office button at the top right corner
    4) Select Open in Excel: Inventory movement journal headers and lines. Press Download (Picture #1)
    5) Open the downloaded file, press Enable editing
    6) If necessary, Sign in to your environment. Excel will show you the line manually crated in the journal in D365 (Picture #2)
    7) Add as many lines as required
    8) When finished, press the Publish button at the bottom right corner. If succesfull you should read the message "Publish successful - workbook updated" (Picture #3)
    9) Back in D365, press Refresh (Shift+F5) you should see the lines added and then you can post the journal.

    Similar option but different procedure with DIXF

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