Master Planning _Derived _Production Order

Hi All,

I need Clarification in Master Planning Module , Kindly Advise what would be the right Procedure to handle below scenario.

we are producing 5 Diff Products (Machine ) say A,B,C ,D,E .We have 70 % Items will be produced in house and 30 % will be Purchased Items for these FG.

All Above FG Codes,  for in-House  items will be  produced in Common Warehouse called Production-Wh and Purchased items will be refilled from General-Wh to Concern Product Warehouse ( A-WH, B-WH...D-WH) .

We also Make to stock for Child Manufacturing Component (Not All ) in General-WH  for 2 Machines, based on forecast .

Item Code Coverage Setup: 

For in House Manufacturing item - WOB ( Work Order Based ).

For Purchase Items :ROL ( Re-order Level )

While we running the MRP based Machine FG Code ,it's creating Planned orders, Purchase orders and transfer orders with out any issue .

We are able to Firm only Purchase order to create Purchase orders .

issue 1: 

we are not able to Firm  production order's for child item ( Derived Production Order ) where it's allows only to firm FG code .

it's also not considering existing Stock On Hand from General warehouse where we make to stock .

Kindly advise , how to handle above .

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