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Hi All,

I need Clarification in Master Planning Module , Kindly Advise what would be the right Procedure to handle below scenario.

we are producing 5 Diff Products (Machine ) say A,B,C ,D,E .We have 70 % Items will be produced in house and 30 % will be Purchased Items for these FG.

All Above FG Codes,  for in-House  items will be  produced in Common Warehouse called Production-Wh and Purchased items will be refilled from General-Wh to Concern Product Warehouse ( A-WH, B-WH...D-WH) .

We also Make to stock for Child Manufacturing Component (Not All ) in General-WH  for 2 Machines, based on forecast .

Item Code Coverage Setup: 

For in House Manufacturing item - WOB ( Work Order Based ).

For Purchase Items :ROL ( Re-order Level )

While we running the MRP based Machine FG Code ,it's creating Planned orders, Purchase orders and transfer orders with out any issue .

We are able to Firm only Purchase order to create Purchase orders .

issue 1: 

we are not able to Firm  production order's for child item ( Derived Production Order ) where it's allows only to firm FG code .

it's also not considering existing Stock On Hand from General warehouse where we make to stock .

Kindly advise , how to handle above .

  • 1. Derived production orders are not real production orders, they are used to as a planning pegging tool. The planned production order that is derived will disappear when the parent planned order is firmed. In essence the elements in the plan for the derived elements are then included in the parent production order because of the configuration (phantoms etc.)

    2. It will not consider stock on hand for many reasons, have you setup the transfer order refill, assuming you are planning at warehouse level? Why do you feel it should consider the stock where it is - show us the demand and supply rules etc. 

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