Trade Agreements for Using ALL for Products

I am trying to use Trade agreement in D365 for Line Discounts. The customer is supposed to get a  2 discount on ALL products except for 2 product groups. It appears that when I add to table for customer and select ALL for all products and place in 2 percent. Then create lines for those product groups at 0 the it appears to be overriding everything

This is how it was setup for them in 2009 but wondering if there was a customization done I am not aware.

My thought would be I need to setup a line for every item group at what % it is to make work. I have tried a few and appears to. It just will not work for all.

Any help is apprecaited and sorry if I di not explain well.

  • The system will look for the "best" price for the customer at the lowest level depending upon the find next flag, the product group 0 is the first one it finds, but ALL can also be applied, because it is for ALL, and then the concept of "best price for the customer" kicks in and as this is better than the 0 it is applied if find next is set despite it being at the less specific level. I cannot see if this is set because it is not on your screen shot, but if it is ticked this would happen, if it is not then I believe the 0 would be applied, but I could easily be wrong!