Sales order posting financial entries

Dear Experts,

I am using AX 2012 R3.

Consider that i am creating one sales order and invoicing.

When we do invoice totally four ledger number are effecting and creating records in Generaljournalaccountentry table.

Customer Ac Dr 10 Ledger Ac xxx
Revenue Cr 10 Ledger Ac xx

Consumption Dr 8 Ledger Ac xxx
Issue Cr 8 Ledger Ac xxx

 the above transactions for Normal sales order

My requirement is if i post my sales order by selected sales type lets say X

this time i dont want to my invoiced amount to get effected  in my ledger like below

Customer Dr 0.0
Revenue 0.0

Vendor Promo (vend123) Dr 8
Issue Cr 8

For that i am debugging class called "LedgerVoucherTransObject"

type storing in generaljournalentry table with sales order but i am unable to find what what is my sales order order number.