number sequence issue

Hi all,

I have numbers sequence named abc_20 with the range  

(smallest 1 highest 99999 next number 100000)

number it's showing number sequence exceeds.

we have tried to increase number sequence its format mismatched  but it's not showing next 11 character

after that we checked inventjournal edt string length is 10 then we change jounelid 15 but display length 10. so it's showing the 10 character only

can we do this process or not its some other process..

  • If the EDT can hold 10 characters but your format uses only 5 (max 99999), then the easiest way is changing the format to use more then five characters for numbers. But you can't exceed the length of the data type, i.e. 10 characters. If you have five characters of a static prefix and five characters for number, and you want to use six characters for numbers, you must reduce the prefix to four characters or less.

    If you really can't put everything to the given length of the data type, you'll have to increase it. Be careful that there may be places in the application that won't work with the new length, therefore additional changes (and testing) may be needed.

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