Vendor Invoice Posting issue

One of our customer, who is using AX 2012 R3, is facing the below problem. Please guide us on the below issue, so that we can rectify this ASAP, as some of the invoicing process at our customer end has been stopped due to this issue.



When user posts any Purchase Invoice, some portion of the total amount which needs to be posted in Vendor Account is getting posted to the ledger configured under “Vendor Invoice Round Off” section in “Account for automatic transactions” in General Ledger, Setup.

Example: If the Net amount of PO Line is 10,000 and taxes applies for the line is 1,800, then as per the default process, under vendor account, 11,800 must be credited. However, in our case, 8.200 is credited under vendor account and the remaining 3,600 is credited under Vendor rounding off. This issue happens in any random PO and the amount posted under vendor rounding off is any random amount. As per our analysis, there is no unique scenario or case where is issue is raised. The issue comes in any random PO and any random amount is posted to vendor rounding off.


For analysis purpose, we have removed the configuration of Vendor rounding off in General Ledger setup. In this case, system throws an error of “Ledger account for Vendor rounding off” is not configured, and stops the invoice posting.


Please verify below the screen shot.