Production Order Reprocess - Error Qty

Hi ,

I would like to know standard AX business process to capture the reworks for rejected Qty in production Module .

  Item Code Qty   Production Order 
FG Code   FG -001      10  PR/0012533 
Req Qty 
BOM (1 QTY) - RM-001    2
  RM-002   2
Route Operation Process  Good Qty   Error Qty
  10  Cutting                                           10.00 0
  20  Bending                            10.00 0
  30  Fabrication                              8.00 2
  40  Powder Coating     

Above mentioned routes 30 operation has error Qty - 2 and it has to go back to 20 operation for re work to correction .

We are trying to utilize the Job registration Module to Post  route and am not sure how to handle the Rejected Qty to reprocess again instead of scrap the material.

Kindly advise the standard AX Business process to capture the reworks for rejected Qty .

  • Hi Raj, when using Production orders and BOMs, there is no specific out of the box method for rework. Typically, a lot of companies will RAF the quantity as good rather than error, then create a new work order for the same item where the only BOM line for the work order is the original finished good itself. So you basically consume the quantity that needs to be reworked and rebook it into stock through another work order. 

    If using process manufacturing and formulas instead of BOMs, there is a specific Batch order type called  "Rework" that facilitate this same process where it creates a work order for an item to consume itself and then you can manually add additional materials if required to the BOM that may be needed and/or re-add any routings for the additional labor.

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