Import pending vendor invoice

According to this

we started to investigate, if vendor invoice circulation and handling could be actually done without 3rd party software, inside D365 F&O.

Our idea was to import xml invoices with a help of a Logic App (which reads from OCR service) using standard data entities for header, lines and an attachement, then try to match for the receipts and, if needed, do some circulation for approval. The problem is, that purchase order line number is mandatory for invoice lines. Our idea was to have reference to a PO and have the lines with items and quantities and then do the matching against receipts on D365 F&O side. It is extremely rare to have PO line numbers on invoices, instead only a PO number as a reference.

This means we should read PO data on Logic App and do some kind of matching for PO lines and invoices lines already before import.

My question is, does anyone have any experience with pending invoice import on standard D365 F&O functionalities and what is you solution? Thanks.