Modify record in form called by invoice order and not in purchorder

i had the same menuitem in purchorder and invoice order how can i modify the record in menuitem when it called by invoiceorder and not in purchorder 

  • Hi Wafa,

    Could you please describe little more regarding your requirement.

    If i am not wrong then you your have only one Menu Item and you want which is going to call from two different places (1. Invoice order and 2. Purchorder ).

    And you want to know from which place your menu item called. so that according that you will do function. --- please correct me if my understanding wrong?

    If this is the case, then create a Base Enum  with two element (1.InvoiceOrder & 2. Purchase order). and create two new menu item (1. Invoice order & 2. Purchase order) and use these baseenum in the menu item Enum parameter and then use your menu item in the respected area. 

    Finally over right init() method of Form - if your menu item called some Form  Or over right main() method of class - if your menu item called for some class. and use below piece of code.


    If you describe little more regarding your requirement then we can analysis and trying to provide better solution.



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