Table is not updated

This is code form

class MCROrderParameters_MCRPriceOverrideLineColor
    public void lookup()
        int color = ColorSelection::selectColor(this, MCROrderParameters.MCRPriceOverrideLineColor);
        // allow color to be reset for price override line
        if (color != MCROrderParameters.MCRPriceOverrideLineColor)
            MCROrderParameters.MCRPriceOverrideLineColor = color;

I have set the different color code in “MCRPriceOverrideLineColor” field but its always show the old color code .
I have checked in Table update method
void update()
    MCROrderParameters   mcrOrderParameters_Orig = this.orig();

In ‘this’ object I always found old value but is wrong here I don’t understand.
Can anybody suggest me .