Configure Account Structure

Software is D365 for Finance and Operations, going live 8/1/18.

accounts are Fund-Department-Main Account  xx-xxxx-xxxx

I would like to define the P&L structure on a department by department basis instead of a by fund basis.  This is the type of structure I would like to create but can't per our implementation team.

Fund:  11,31     Dept:  8450        Main:  4000..9999

Fund: 31           Dept:  6790        Main:  5000..5999

Fund:  33          Dept:  6837        Main:  4000..9999

D365 is forcing the fund segment to be the same down the entire list of departments.  When I correct one of them all of them change.  I was told that this is due to the order of the segments and in order to do what I outlined above I would need to change the order of my segments.  Is there a workaround to this?