Master Planning planned batch order scheduled start date on a closed date

Hi All,

When running master planning we are finding that the scheduled start date of the planned order does not check if the day is closed or not on the calendar.  The order date for the planned order adheres to the calendar but the scheduled start date does not.  Is there a way to have the Scheduled Start date adhere to the calendar and not fall on a closed date?  In the example 3/24 is a Saturday which is a closed day in the calendar so the order date backs up a day but the Scheduled start date does not.

I checked the Master Planning parameters and the resource/resource groups and also the coverage groups and item coverage and they all specify the same calendar which has Saturday and Sundays closed.  FYI, It is a planned batch order using operations scheduling if that makes a difference.  I thought with operations scheduling it should be using the calendar from the resource group?