Advanced warehouse management

Hi all,

I have never really used the advanced warehouse management functionality but am trying to get to grips with the app and the actual process.  I have managed to create a new released product which is within a dimension group that has advanced warehouse management enabled.  A couple of quick questions though.  I easily received the PO using the purchase receive and then purchase putaway option within the app.  Using the line quantity form (PO header > General > Line Quantity) it showed as registered but not received.  Do I need to process the PO using the traditional receipt list / product receipt to see the PO status change to "received" or am I doing something wrong please?  Also, how would a warehouse worker know what the work ID is, if looking to work without paper please?

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  • Hi Jon

    There is no auto-receipt, the product is indeed registered at completion of the scanning. Although you dont state your version and I believe this option has been discussed on the roadmap. 

    In the times I have worked with scanners we have created a receipts list with barcodes to enable the user to scan the barcode, they can enter this, but the work ultimately is the internal reference and not something the person scanning the goods in should be looking for.