RAF, By-product: The quantity cannot be reduced. The number of inventory transactions on order is too low...

Hi everybody,
I'm having an error message I cannot ride off it...
When doing the final report as finished (quantity is zero because it has already been reported through the journal)

The by-product line is throwing this message

All the output orders are ended for this item.
The status for the transaction is 'Picked'.
The marking is as following

Transactions are seen like this

I have seen many blogs and topics related to this message, but I was not able to finished the order. FYI: The production orders are created through code as the module has an interface with other production system, more than 2000 orders were already finished so I assume this is not a code issue, but there is a chance this a different scenario that generated the error.

I will appreciate a lot your suggestions.
Many thanks and regards