Project management and Accounting - Line adjustment


  I am familiar with the line adjustment process. But we have encountered a new business scenario where users are asking me if there is a way to adjust an Expense line to split it into two lines such that one line is Billable and second line to be Non billable?


  Here is the scenario they are asking. If there is an Expense line for $10.63 they wanted to be able to adjust the line and be able to split, say $5 Non billable and $4.63 as Billable. I am not sure if there is an function option to do it from the rich client but I am attaching some screen shots that I am trying to adjust by splitting the lines using the New adjustment button. Please see the attached screenshots and advise. If I am missing something.


Here is a sample line that has $10.63 Total sales amount. Now, I am trying to split the line into 2 lines using the ‘New adjustment’ button. I key in number 2 in the ‘split in number of lines’ text box in the Adjust transactin wizard.

It did split into 2 lines as excted and below is the screen shot. I see the sales price as 10.63 in both the lines in the bottom grid and both lines are Billable.


So, I went a head and changed the Sales price of first line to $5.00 and its Line property to Nonbill. The other line sales price to $4.63 and Line property to Billable as below.


Now, I am trying to split the above line into 2 lines


I clicked on the Check button and it checked good.

Now, trying to post the lines and I get the below error

Thank you,