Mixing of Finished goods in Process Manufacturing

Dear Team,

  We are using process manufacturing for making finished goods from Raw Materials. Based on the process manufacturing our finished goods will be in three categories. Recently we are purchasing a new product(FG) from a vendor and it will be mixed with our Finished goods to increase the production of other finished goods. There is no process in the system for the Mixing of Finished goods and how can i configure it to bring the mixing process. Kindly need it in step by step procedure.  We are using AX 2012 R3.


Ramji M H

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  • You need to structure your BOM and route to handle this. If it is a distinct mix item or a sub-BOM or a phantom depends how you need to plan and process, but ultimately it is a different level of product, just use the same step by step process you currently do but in the correct structure.