AX Logout Issue

AX 2012 log out of the AX 2012 system automatically almost immediately whenever users click on non-AX windows. Any suggestions please??

  • What do you mean by "log out"? Isn't the process actually crashing? Consult event logs to find more.
    You also didn't tell us whether it happens in all parts of the system, for all users, on all computers, in all environments (e.g. in Test), whether it worked before, what has changed and so on.
  • Thanks for the response. In live environment and to some users only.
  • In reply to Abi:

    If the answer to the second sentence is "yes" or "I've no idea", the third sentence tells what should be your next step.
    And think about the other questions as well, instead of just picking some of them. Also, think about your findings - for example, if you know that it happens for some users only, think about what these users have in common and the other users don't have.
    Simply put, be systematic.
  • In reply to Martin Dráb:

    Sorry for being brief, please see below and your advise taken :-)

    Live environment
    Some users
    Mainly to one entity
    It has been a problem for last few months