Can we invoice the serial number with out PO


Currently we are in AX2012 R3 C11, we have a serial number having some transactions we transferred them to separate serial number having PO number for the transfer serial number so i can invoice the transfer  serial number.

But now i want to invoice the serial number which does not have the PO. can we invoice the serial number with out PO or not?


  • Can you please make it more clear? What do you really mean by invoicing the serial number without PO?
    Did you used the transfer journal? If so, you are not transferring the transactions, rather transferring the available qty (onhand) from one serial number to another.
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    Hi Kranthi,

    Thanks for reply, We have two serial numbers D15023204 and D15023204U the transactions on the both serial numbers are same but D15023204U has PO number and Consignment contract but when we comes to D15023204 doesn't have the PO and consignment number but still they want to invoice D15023204 serial number, when they trying to invoice the serial number D15023204 it doesn't allows us to invoice. Can you suggest me the solution for this. The serial they want to invoice is under the path Inventory management>inquiries>Dimensions>Serial numbers.

    Serial numbers reference

    Transactions reference for both serial numbers.

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    When you invoice it what does it tell you?
    Are you invoicing from the original PO? Where are you invoicing from?
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    Thanks for the reply, this is error we are getting.

    This is a serial that we discovered to have been received incorrectly and updated in the transfer module prior to xxxxx creating a true rename function in AX.  That is why the transactional history for D15023204U ends with the same transfer journal that D15023204 begins with (instead of having a PO).  We stopped updating this way because of this very reason; it broke the link to the original PO and caused commissions issues.


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    Sort out the commission and then invoice. Looks to me like you have customizations in this area so I cannot really help you because what you are seeing is not standard AX.