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No customization and no changes in Setup has been done in the production module but from last 3 days this error Cost value must be negative upon issue from inventory started to come suddenly. 
While ending Production order of status Report as finished this error is come as shown in screenshot 


Same error is also coming while posting invoice of sales order.
I am getting no idea what is the source of this error, i have checked Picking list journal lines and other thing also but not able see anything related to error. 
Please me help into this to find error cause and how i can solve it.

Thanks in Advance. 

  • You have posted it in Developer forum. Are you looking for a DEV help? (it seems to be a functional issue)

    Please don't forget to Tag the AX version.

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    The error mean that, the item that you are going to issue has positive cost amount on the transactions. Check your onhand and cost amount.
    If you are a developer, you can start debugging from \Classes\InventUpd_Financial\updateFinancialIssue
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    Thanks for the reply
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    Were you able to identify the issue?
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    Hello Kranti ,
    Right problem is because of positive amount transaction for issue entry but i didn't see any related entry to that because in picking list journal raw material issue is going with positive amount. I checked the financial cost amount for on hand but not able to track the issue or cause of the error.

    All things were going fine for last production order as they are ended without any error with same setup and cost amount of raw material and finished goods.

    Thanks in Advance
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    Can you post a screen shot of the on hand for that item? (with costs and quantities)
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    Hello kranthi  please find the screen shot of 


    Raw material - first screen shot 



    Finished Qty and Costamount

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    Which item is causing the issue and what is the posted quantity on the onhand? Try to see why is the physical cost amount is negative?
    Were you able to debug and see what is the costAmountPosted and how is calculated?
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    There is no code issue here. Moving the post to the user forum.
  • Look at the consumption. I will guess you are using co/by products and it is configured that the cost of consumption is adding value to inventory through the configuration, which AX will not allow. Run the cost and estimates report and analyse the production order.